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3/21/2017 UPDATE :
3 NEW DATES have been added to the VMR race schedule...!!!

Vintage Midget Racing Club

VMR Competition Rules.

Safety Equipment and Racing Rules
(last update March 2016)
Safety Equipment:
Vintage Midget Racing promotes safe racing and car safety. The following safety requirements MUST be met in order to race with Vintage Midget Racing:
All drivers must wear a fire suit, gloves and shoes
All helmets must have a 2005 date stamp or newer
All drivers must wear a neck restraint of the following approved types:
HANS Device
Hutchens Device
Racing Neck Collar which requires netting on the cage
All seat belts can be no older than 5 years of age
All cars without full containment seats MUST have cage netting
All drivers MUST wear racing arm restraints
All cars MUST be pre-inspected prior to each race. Car and Driver MUST arrive at the track at least 1 hour prior to the start of the show so inspections can be performed unless otherwise specified.
Car Rules:
General Car Rules:
Midget cars MUST be 20 years or older
Any car racing that is NOT from the 70's, 80's or 90's MUST start in the rear of the field
Any Down Tube car after 1995 MUST start in the rear of the field
Wing cars are allowed to race BUT MUST REMOVE the WING BEFORE COMPETING within the VMR Club,
All Midgets must have a full roll cage car in order to participate in practice or the expedition race.
Midgets with roll bars are welcomed to showcase their car at a track but will not be allowed to participate in practice or the expedition race. 
 Any motor type can be raced in your car as long as the year of the motor is the same year as your car
Engine can range up to 174 cubic inches
Motor MUST be same age of original year built. It MUST look like the outside looking in and no alterations of the motor can be performed.
Fuel Bladders:
All fuel bladders MUST be inspected  at each race for leaks.
No race car with a leak will be allowed to go onto the race track
Vintage Midget Cars
Right rear wheel 12"
Left rear wheel 10"
Down Tube Cars
Right rear wheel 10"
Left rear wheel 8"
Racing Rules:
Vintage Midget Racing is a Vintage show which showcases cars from the past and promotes safe racing through an exhibition race promoting sportsmanship and the love of racing.  The following rules must be followed:
This is an exhibition race with Vintage cars.  The Vintage Midget Racing Club wants to put on a good show for the fans making sure we promote a safe racing environment.  You can race hard but be safe.
At any time on the race track or in the pit areas will there be no rubbing, bumping or rough riding of any sort
There will be NO arguing or fighting permitted at any time on or off the track
Anyone found disobeying the above racing rules will be suspended for the next 2 exhibition races that are run